How do I get custody (shared care) of my children?

Within the family court the language has changed from ‘child custody’ to ‘shared care’ and ‘shared parental responsibility’. What this means is that there is a push for both parents to ‘share the care’ and parental responsibility.

When children are treated as an ‘entitlement’ or ‘tool’ in the separation process it hurts them. Children see themselves as being half of their Mum and half of their Dad.

Depending on the developmental age of the child, you may find that ‘sole care’ is not necessarily in their best interests.

When one parent wins and the other loses, everyone suffers, even the children.

To find out more information about the development needs of your child and how you can minimise the impact of conflict on them you should arrange a post-separation parenting session or child-focused session. You can find out more about your legal rights by contacting a family lawyer and a family dispute resolution practitioner can help you negotiate a parenting plan with your ex.

This Post is written by Douja Elhajj Principal Mediator at Aresolution if you would like to book a mediation session you can call 1300 ARESOLVE or visit the website Visit Aresolution Family Court Mediation

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